5 days – Art of Listening

5 Days to Cultivate the Art of Listening - together.

(Facilitated in English)

The plan for these days is very simple: as hosts we will provide a structure which includes meditation, silent walks, and time for both individual and collective contemplation. We will spend the 5 days in silence except for daily facilitated dialogue sessions (in English), in which we collectively explore consciousness and culture. Our aim is to propose a frame which allows us to lean into a space of deep wonder and sincere reflection, to cultivate the art of listening – together.

2-6. august 2021

During the 5 days, we  will explore questions such as:

Where do we find and create hope and meaning?

What is the difference between letting go and giving up?

How do we commit to something more than our self without losing our autonomy?

You are invited to this collective investigation. You only need to bring and contribute with your focus, curiosity and sincerity.

This is not a course, but a facilitated collective investigation and a space that we create together, in which we all take responsibility of the common space, including practical things like cooking and cleaning.


Price: These 5 days are free, but all participants contribute to cover the costs of food and basic running costs: 1.500 dkr

Food: We cook one meal a day. Apart from this there is tea, coffee and breakfast. The food is simple, healthy and vegetarian. You participate in the practicalities around food preparation and clean-up. If you have special needs, you should bring what you need to fulfill these needs.

Accomodation: There are two possibilities … 

The Simple: A tent in the garden:You can bring your own, or sleep in a 5 person tent that we can provide. You can borrow an air mattress, but you should bring your own sleeping bag. There is access to toilet and shower.

The Comfortable: B&B: There are very nice places to stay within 10 minutes drive from Culture Cloister. You can book via their website: https://www.holmriis.com/overnatning/

Pubic transport: There are many trains going from various destinations which can bring you to Århus. From Århus, you can take the train to Ulstrup or Bjerringbro. From there, bus 73 or a flextaxa will take you straight to the door: Ringsøhøjvej 2, Gerning, 8850 Bjerringbro.

Sign Up:  Latest July 28.

To sign-up, send a mail with subject ‘Culture Cloister Retreat Sign-up’ and you’ll recieve all the relevant information from us. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to call: +45 41103852 or write an email to sara@art-of-listening.org

Daily Programme

First Day:

16.00 Arrival and introduction to Culture Cloister.

18.00 Dinner

19.30 Introduction to structure and frames for the next 5 days.

21:00 Meditation. Silence begins.

Daily Schedule:

6.00: Free choice meditation or yoga

7.00: Breakfast

8.00: Meditation

9.30: Facilitated conversation

11.30: Food preparation

12.30: Lunch

14.30: Free choice yoga, meditation or walking

18.00 Meditation

18.30 Evening tea break

20.30 Meditation

Final Day:

6.00: Free choice meditation or yoga

7.00: Breakfast

8.00: Meditation

9.30: Facilitated conversation

11.30: Food preparation

12.30: Lunch & wine (silence ends)

13.30: Clean-up

15.00: Meditation

16.00: Goodbye


It is possible to prolong the 5 days with an extra 2 days Culture Cloister weekend: https://kulturkloster.org/en/praktisk/