A huge garden

Two days

Three ideals

- with questions as a driving force.

On the first weekend of each month, you can come (alone or together with others) and participate in a collective research of reality, which takes its starting point in the three ideals:


The Good, the True and the Beautiful.


What does it mean to take these ideals seriously in our contemporary, global society?

How do we cultivate these ideals in ourselves and in each other?

How can we create cultures and communities grounded in these ideals?


Starting from the position that reality cannot merely be reduced to cognitive thinking and material processes, but is in fact founded in and of something essential, transrational, infinite – something we might call consciousness or spirit or life force or love … something else entirely – we investigate together our most important questions in silence and in conversation.

The focus is not self-development, but a collective process, in which we make our ourselves available for a bigger investigation of reality.


The Culture Cloister is an open laboratory for metaphysical investigation and wonder.


Why Culture:

Through culture we share and develop our common values.

Through culture we create the common structures and frames through which we understand reality.

It is in and through culture that we live, share, exchange and grow with others that are different from ourselves.

What is the most inspiring and beneficial way to develop cultures that are anchored in a bigger and deeper reality?


Why Cloister:

We give our time, intention and attention to a bigger and deeper reality.

We are here for the whole, not just ourselves. The aim is not self-development.

Together we are focused on silence and aim to cultivate the art of listening to a bigger reality.

We leave our ‘everday’ behind us for two days (including personal history, agendas – and mobile phones).


As hosts we will facilitate each Culture Cloister Weekend, but the weekend is a collective investigation, which we create together. We have a cross-disciplinary approach and there will also be time in the daily schedule to one’s own practice.

With a background as professional artists, we approach this spiritual practice as a creative and collective ‘bildung’ process with a focus on verticality and lived experience. We will set the frames for each weekend, based on our aesthetic and phenomenological artistic practice, together with a 20 year meditation practice.



Our work is:

Phenomenological: To examine different aspects of reality from the point of view of an embodied human experience.

Aesthetic: Our work is grounded in participatory, sensorial and immersive art practices.

Philosophical: We are more curious about questions than answers and aim to sharpen our common language and conversation around aesthetic and metaphysical matters.

Bigger Reality: To place our unique, individual experience within the bigger time and space reality of an unfolding universe.

Collective Intelligence: To understand and develop new, more complex ways of working together that are dynamic, creative and conscious.

Human Meetings: To understand the subtle ways in which culture is created through human encounters.

We are most fascinated by what we don’t already know. We want to make space for new insights and understanding about culture and consciousness, that we can each bring with us and continue to develop and redevelop in various contexts. 


The only condition to participate in a Culture Cloister Weekend is your longing and desire to do so.

Our approach aims to cultivate:

Curiousity, Generosity and Responsibility


Culture Cloister is not a ’course’, but a cloister weekend.

The standard is very basic, there is no ‘service’ as such, just the good will and generosity that we give to each other.


Culture Cloister lies in a little town called Gerning, right across the road from the Gerning church. It is an old farmhouse with a beautiful 2 hectare garden. The garden is our cloister, and the majority of each cloister weekend will take place there.


Food: We provide one meal a day. Apart from this there is tea, coffee and breakfast. The food is simple, healthy and vegetarian. You participate in the practicalities around food preparation and clean-up. If you have special needs, you should bring what you need to fulfill these needs.

Phone: Culture Cloister Weekends are phone-free. (There will be a phone avaible in case of emergencies.


Accomodation: There are two possibilities ...

The Comfortable: B&B: There are very nice places to stay within 10 minutes drive from Culture Cloister. You can book via their website: https://www.holmriis.com/overnatning/

The Simple: A tent in the garden:You can bring your own, or sleep in a 5 person tent that we can provide. You can borrow an air mattress, but you should bring your own sleeping bag. There is access to toilet and shower.

Price: For a normal Culture Cloister Weekend, you are asked to cover costs of meals and basic running costs: 500kr. If you want to you can also offer an additional donation (nothing is too small!) that will contribute exclusively to improvements to Culture Cloister. (for Special Arrangements there are different prices and a different structure. Please check the description of each arrangement for details).

Sign Up: Latest 5 days before each arrangement.

Send a mail with subject: ‘Sign-Up to Culture Cloister Weekend’ to:

mail@art-of-listening.org. And you will recieve all the relevant information from us.

If you have any questions about the Culture Cloister weekends, you’re also very welcome to call: 41103852 or send an email to: sara@art-of-listening.org

Getting here: Pubic transport to Gerning -

Train from Århus stopping in Ulstrup or Bjerringbro. Then bus 73 or flextaxi straight to the door.

Culture Cloister Weekend Structure

We begin Friday at 17.00 and end Sunday at 18.00


17.00 Welcome and intro to Culture Cloister Weekend

18:00 Common meditation

18:30 Dinner

19:30 Introduction to silence and facilitated conversation

20:30 Common meditation. Silence begins


6:00 Free choice meditation or yoga

7:00 Breakfast

8:00 Common meditation

9:30 Facilitated conversation

11:30 Food preparation

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Free choice meditation, yoga or walking

18:00 Common meditation

18:30 Tea break

20:30 Common meditation


6:00 Free choice meditation or yoga

7:00 Breakfast

8:00 Common meditation

9:30 Facilitated conversation

11:30 Food preparation

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Free choice meditation, yoga or walking

15:30 Common meditation

16:00 Wine, cake and conversation. Silence ends

17:30 Goodbye



April 30th - May 2nd:  Culture Cloister Weekend

June 4th - June 6th Culture Cloister Weekend

July 2nd - July 4th Special Arrangements: Botanical Alchemy

Aug 2nd - Aug 6th Special Arrangements: 5 day Silent Retreat

Aug 6th - Aug 8th Culture Cloister Weekend

Sept 3rd - Sept 5th Special Arrangements: Poetic Pilgrimage

Oct 1st - Oct 3rd Culture Cloister Weekend